Can Members get loans from the Pension Scheme to purchase houses offered for sales by the Scheme?

Pension Scheme Fund takes care of members after their retirement and as such monies cannot be loaned to anyone including the Sponsor. The Law forbids loaning out of Scheme and Fund money.

When the assets of the Pension Scheme have been apportioned can Members of the Scheme be invited to sign the Agreement on transfer of the assets?
What is the member’s involvement in Appointment of Trustees?
Do proceeds from sale of Assets Benefit Retirees?
Why are Pension Scheme members contributing when they were previously on a non-contributoryScheme before 1.7.1999 and when should a contributor start earning pension? Is it from the date of new contributions or based on 1st Appointment?
Are Members allowed to know how the funds of Scheme and Fund are being Utilized?
Does value of Kshs. 894 million include both assets and Contributions?
What is the monthly income from Property?
What is a member’s entitlement from KPTC prior to 31.12.2001?
Do Members earn dividends from Investment income?
Shall AVCs appear in individuals Pay slips?
How is Provident Fund paid?
What is the effective date of abolition of the Kshs. 540,0000.00 Maximum lumpsum.
Does a member qualify for benefits after resignation and can the Trustees take such benefits if any to pay for his debts?
The 5 years dependants’ pension period is too short. Can the period be increased to 10 years?
Can retirees be allowed to participate in AVCs?
What guarantees independence of Trustees from Sponsor’s interference?
What is the security of the Kshs. 140 million contribution arrears held by PCK?
What happened to KPTC Members Contributions before 1.7.1999?
Provident Fund contributions during KPTC is not shown in members pay slips



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